Image of Generic GrooveBowls

Generic GrooveBowls


Why do we call this the "Generic" GrooveBowl? Simply because this GrooveBowl isn't made from a disk by a top-selling album. Nonetheless, it remains a perfectly curvy GrooveBowl: 4 inches high and standing on 3 transparent non-slip rubber feet. The spindle hole has been capped and the labels have been lacquered.

Comes numbered and signed with the original album cover in our GrooveBowl paperboard box. If you're planning on having us ship it directly to a 3rd party as a gift, we'll add a note conveying your best wishes.

Keep your GrooveBowl away from liquids and messy foods. Remember that thing we constantly babble about messy foods and your GrooveBowl, and how they don't go together, and that you should only put into a GrooveBowl whatever you feel comfortable carrying in your pocket. Also, your GrooveBowl isn't microwave or dishwasher safe, so please treat it with the same respect the old folks gave their records.

There are so many uses for a GrooveBowl. Then again, it's perfectly beautiful just as it is.